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well she was only twenty-seventeen

(she was a low-res beauty queen)

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Name:she was a brain, brain sister

L, seventeen. Sounds thirty and looks twelve. Has a morbid obsession with astrology and fate -- she is a Pisces with moon in Libra: in short, 'is prone to emotion and wishes everyone could just get along'. Make no mistake -- she will never bullshit around with her thoughts concerning the zodiac; she seriously believes in that crap. That said, she won't be miffed if you don't; just know that she will be as quick to look up your signs as quick as you are to denounce them. Be prepared -- she's probably all up in ur natal charts, judgin' ur personality quirks.

She does not like having enemies, but has probably made a few. A cynic when in public, a dreamer in private: An elitist, but insecure. Despite this, she will not put out half-assed work. Despite that, she is a procrastinator at heart. So much so, she had to leave school for it. Whoops. May or may not contradict herself. It is likely she already has; probably due to her rising sign being in Virgo. She does not like referring to herself in the third person, but will do so for the purpose of profiling.

An avid lover of New Zealand's previously fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo, she loves all types of music aside from that; a more detailed account can be found on her page. She's an occasional mistress to shoujo manga, but never romance novels -- prefers Adams to Rice. Posts sporadically; if it's not about her love/hate relationship with amateur graphic design, it's probably about fandom. If it's not about fandom, it's probably random. When it's on DreamWidth, though, you can bet you'll see some existential bullshit floating around: be prepared, she's known to have a lot of it.

Add her and she promises to be entertaining, if not a total pain in the ass.*
*Is more likely to be the latter than the former.**
** But only if you're partial to fire.

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